The former smallpox hospital made beautiful by vines. (at Southpoint Park, Roosevelt Island)

Louie Kahn forty years later. Perspective lines on perspective lines. (at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park)

It’s a pretty nice view from the bridge. (at Brooklyn Bridge)

The pedestrian-cyclist dance of avoiding collisions. (at Brooklyn Bridge)

Summer in Brooklyn. (at Brooklyn Bridge Park)

Taking a photo of someone taking a photo of the bridge. (at Williamsburg Bridge)

Old factory and graffiti. (at Kara Walker Installation at Domino Sugar Factory)

Scaffolding outside. Scaffolding inside. All I saw was scaffolding. (at St. Patrick’s Cathedral)

On our way to the Brooklyn Bridge.

That building. That I studied I school. Where Caroline works…. (at NYU Woolworth Bldg)