I took my mom to the best sushi restaurant in Austin for her birthday. This was our sushi chef. He told us all about his own mom, then gave us some sushi and dessert on the house. He seemed to really like my mom, who photographed every dish. (at Uchi)

Caroline caught brunching! (at Jacob’s Pickles)

Christina walks around art. (at New Museum)

The education center and a view of the screen from inside. (at New Museum of Contemporary Art)

The view from the balcony. (at New Museum)

The brick staggers in and out, creating a dynamic facade. It was more interesting from afar, and from an angled view where the pattern catches the light better. But it’s still an interesting technique. Good use of modular brick and window panels. (at Soho Shopping District)

Lemon ricotta pancakes and baked eggs in leek sauce. (at The Good Resturant)

Delayed at the airport. So this was me at brunch. (at The Good Resturant)

Christina is shy. (at The Good Resturant)

Awesome new health center. Tiered floors. Circular windows. White on white on white. (at Lenox Hill HealthPlex)